This is a simple multiplication based game created usingthumbnail the JQuery Library. It uses the basic concept of html, css and JavaScript to create the layouts and logic needed for the game. The game uses the JQuery library for the easier accomplishment of the task and Karma Framework for the image and sounds loading. This is the game developed for the Class 6 for the deployment in rural villages by OLE NEPAL. 


To multiply the numbers with 0 at last quickly.


Try to load your truck with all boxes giving correct answers to the all questions and win the race.


  1. Start the game by clicking on button “Suru Garau”   Capturedd
  2. Choose the level you want to play. You can switch the level at any time of the game.
  3. The Game has interface for entering the answers for the multiplication question as below: Captureq
  4. There are two trucks; One is you’re the violet one and the red one is of computer. If u got a correct     answer the truck gets loaded with the box. The time will be running for 10seconds and you need to answer within that time to get box loaded in truck.Capture
  5. When the truck gets loaded, it will go thru the bridge. 

Try out the game online:- QUICK MULTIPLICATION

Game coded by: Ashok Basnet (

Design: OLE NEPAL (