logo-RecoveredInformation and  communication technologies(ICT) in  general, and the Internet and the world wide web in particular, have  made life easier by facilitating easy communication with virtually everyone, and easy access to information located  virtually anywhere in the  world. But all these communication technology are in reach of rich peoples, poor peoples are still backward in our country. Which have also widened the gap between the rich and the poor.  In other words,   new technologies, while improving our life in many ways have created the digital divide between the village and urban people.
Our application “Reach” tries to bridge this digital divide between them. Village people having simple mobile set can chat through sms to their family staying in foreign or city. In village there is no access of internet but in city there is access of internet and other communication facilities. “Reach” is a web chat application that user can send sms to the mobile number directly where there is no access of internet and mobile user send sms back to web .
It’s a two way chat, the user having access to internet needs to signup to the web app that we developed and the mobile user can send sms to the user by typing a [keyoword] followed by [username] to 4001.
CHAT Username Message to 4001.
The web user gets notifications and the history is also maintained. 
The system block diagram is as follow:-
system block diagram
Here are some screenshots:-
1. Home Screen
2. Chat Interface
3. Notifications
4. Some forms

login register
Login or register Signup screen
signin addContact
Login Screen Add Contact

5. Mobile message sending

1st Runner Up for Theme Based Competition @LOCUS 2012

A <base_2 > project:-
Aayush Shrestha
Ashok Basnet
Bibek Subedi
Dinesh Subedi


  1. Sparrow SMS for the SMS gateway