“Nepali Date Utilities” plugin is developed in order to provide necessary dates conversion from English to Nepali dates. The plugin contains post dates and today’s date shortcode to help sites display Nepali dates.

Snippets, shortcodes and usages

  1. <?php echo ndu_today_date();?> to print today’s date.
  2. <?php echo do_shortcode('२०८१ जेष्ठ ९');?> to print today’s date using shortcode.

Help [Date format has the following options]

  1. y – बर्ष ( E.g. २०७५ )
  2. m – महिना ( E.g. बैशाख)
  3. d – गते (अंकमा)
  4. l – दिन (E.g. आइतबार)
  5. H / h – घण्टा ( H – 24 hour format / h – 12 hour format)
  6. i – मिनेट

Home page date format can be altered to default, time ago and hide options.

Here are some of the screenshots of the plugin

Nepali Date Utilities