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Nepali Date Utilities plugin

“Nepali Date Utilities” plugin is developed in order to provide necessary dates conversion from English to Nepali dates. The plugin contains post dates and today’s date shortcode to help sites display Nepali dates. Snippets, shortcodes and usages <?php echo ndu_today_date();?>… Continue Reading →

Age Calculator – Android App

Age Calculator is a simple android app for calculating your age and knowing when is your next birthday.   Features: 1. Calculate your age in years, months and days. 2. Find out how many Month and days to go for… Continue Reading →

Lok Sewa Nepal Launched for Android Platform

Finally Lok Sewa Nepal app is available for android platform.   Here is the appsjhola url:-   Lok Sewa Nepal (लोक सेवा नेपाल) is a web and mobile based single solution for notices, notes, practice questions, online test and… Continue Reading →

Debug() function for Opencart

Have you wondered if a single function call would be sufficient to output the array in pre-formatted way. I have been working with opencart for some months and I realize how repititive is it to repeat same lines of code… Continue Reading →

vQmod installation in Opencart

Interestingly, vQmod was originally developed for Open Cart ! But due to “openess” of the design, it has been used by other systems too. In OpenCart (OC), extending your site’s features usually results in modifying the program core codes. There… Continue Reading →

Virtual File Modification System (vQmod)

Have you ever thought of modifying the core of any framework? Then vQMod is the best way to do it. “vQmod™” (aka Virtual Quick Mod) is an override system designed to avoid having to change core files. The concept is… Continue Reading →

Youtube API at Glance

What is API ? API ( Application Programming Interface ) Protocol intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other A set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. A good API… Continue Reading →

jQuery implementation of Game of life!

One of the earliest experiments at simulating life in technology was a simple mathematical game created by John H. Conway, first published and popularized during the early 1970’s in issues of Scientific American. He called it “The Game of Life.”… Continue Reading →

Enable telnet in windows 7

Windows 7 doesn’t provide access to telnet client in default. More than likely this was an attempt to make Windows more secure by default, as Telnet is very insecure and whenever you have the choice you should always use SSH…. Continue Reading →

Accessing localhost from Andriod Emulator

The access of localhost in normal way can be bit tricky in Andriod SDK. The normal way of accessing the localhost is :- http://localhost or but when it comes to Andriod, we can’t directly access the localhost. For that… Continue Reading →

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