jQuery implementation of Game of life!

The game of life is a zero player game divised by mathematician John Horton Conway and explained by Scott E Page on the Coursera website in one of the videos on model thinking. The game is a grid of cels and each cel has a 'on' and a 'off' state or in other words, an 'alive' or 'dead' state. It has simple rules that can create complex patterns over time. If a cel is alive, then it can continue to 'live' only if it has exactly 2 or 3 neighboring cels alive, else it dies or goes 'off'. A dead cel can come alive only if it has exactly 3 neighboring cels alive. Over time, this creates intricate patterns and even animations! Certain patterns create 'blinkers' or even spawn into many more cels and spread across the grid.

How to play

Start by clicking an arbitrary combination of cels and hit Start to begin. You can even select one of the famous patterns provided below.