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Nepali Date Utilities plugin

“Nepali Date Utilities” plugin is developed in order to provide necessary dates conversion from English to Nepali dates. The plugin contains post dates and today’s date shortcode to help sites display Nepali dates. Snippets, shortcodes and usages <?php echo ndu_today_date();?>… Continue Reading →

Youtube API at Glance

What is API ? API ( Application Programming Interface ) Protocol intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other A set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. A good API… Continue Reading →

SDL: Setting up for Code::Blocks for a Windows Compiler

Download the latest version of Code::Blocks from or directly click here to download 10.05 and install it in your system.   Step 1: Download SDL libraries Go here: Find the header entitled “Development Libraries” Under Win32, choose the option… Continue Reading →

Online Nepal Information System

The project was done as III/II part mini project. Actually mini-project was something that is based on internet and existing knowledge of the internet technologies like HTML, CSS , JavaScript, PHP ,MYSQL etc.This project is basically an online project which… Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Programming World

The world is always changing and technology is that which changes rapidly. Daily the new technologies are being introduced. Hello I’m Ashok Basnet and I love programming. I want to share the projects I’ve done at College level as well… Continue Reading →

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