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IoeCamPlus : v2.0ß realeased

IoeCamPlus is a cross platform webcam application With the problems faced with IoeCamPlusv1.0, the 2nd version of IoeCamPlus is released. Updates in the IoeCamPlusv2.0ß :- Image saving problem in v1.0 is solved. new dll files installation updated. Painter added for… Continue Reading →

IoeCamPlus : II/I part IOE Project

IoeCamPlus is a cross platform webcam application developed as a part of II/I part C++ project at Pulchok Campus. Platform: QT and OpenCVLanguage : C++is an application designed to utilize web cams present in most of the laptops and notebooks…. Continue Reading →

Qt–OpenCV : Hello image display in the screen

After successfully configuring your Qt-Creator with OpenCV library, its now time to get your hands dirty with the openCV programming. Here I have created a simple sample program which loads the picture from your drive named hello.jpg. Its really simple… Continue Reading →

Qt : Installing OpenCV in Qt Platform

QTCreator is the open source cross-platform IDE from Nokia’s QT project, and with its ease of use, complete integration with the QT library, and included compiler, it has proven to be a complete solution. After downloading the latest version of… Continue Reading →

OpenCV : Library for Computer Vision

What Is OpenCV? OpenCV [OpenCV] is an open source (see computer vision library available from Th e library is written in C and C++ and runs under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Th ere is active development… Continue Reading →

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