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jQuery implementation of Game of life!

One of the earliest experiments at simulating life in technology was a simple mathematical game created by John H. Conway, first published and popularized during the early 1970’s in issues of Scientific American. He called it “The Game of Life.”… Continue Reading →

JQuery Tutorial–II : Basic CSS Selectors

Selectors in JQuery is used to select specific document objects like <body>, <h1>, <p>, <a> and many more. It’s use has made writing JQuery very easier and get the required DOM to have control over it. Using Basic CSS Selectors… Continue Reading →

JQuery Tutorial – I : Getting Started

JQuery is very great tool for accessing the DOM(Document Object Model) elements is any webpage. JQuery is really a cool Javascript. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use Jquery to make life easier without having… Continue Reading →

JQuery : Introduction

  JQuery is a lightweight JavaScript framework developed by John Resig.   JQuery is a lightweight “write less, do more” JavaScript library. The jQuery library contains the following features: HTML element selections HTML element manipulation CSS manipulation HTML event functions… Continue Reading →

Customize your localhost Display

Have u ever thinked of getting your localhost display customized with the local projects being displayed with lots of other stuffs than simply “It Works” text. Here is a simple HTML, CSS and JQuery based localhost index page so that… Continue Reading →

JQuery Based Game:- Quick Multiplication

This is a simple multiplication based game created using the JQuery Library. It uses the basic concept of html, css and JavaScript to create the layouts and logic needed for the game. The game uses the JQuery library for the… Continue Reading →

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