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LOCUS 2011 : Projects ( C.yber and IoeCamPlus)

This year locus, we have showcased two projects , one from previous year locus project and another C++ project . You can have look at them at following link:- 1. C.yber 2. IoeCamPlus : v2.0ß Some screenshots :-

IoeCamPlus : v2.0ß realeased

IoeCamPlus is a cross platform webcam application With the problems faced with IoeCamPlusv1.0, the 2nd version of IoeCamPlus is released. Updates in the IoeCamPlusv2.0ß :- Image saving problem in v1.0 is solved. new dll files installation updated. Painter added for… Continue Reading →

Networking programming in C

Networking has become an integral part of our everyday life and we are in some way connected to others. It has revolutionized the way we are living. Many times we need our application to write some data into a file,… Continue Reading →

IoeCamPlus : II/I part IOE Project

IoeCamPlus is a cross platform webcam application developed as a part of II/I part C++ project at Pulchok Campus. Platform: QT and OpenCVLanguage : C++is an application designed to utilize web cams present in most of the laptops and notebooks…. Continue Reading →

Qt : Introduction

Qt is a cross-platform application framework. Using Qt, you can write applications once and deploy them across many desktop and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. Qt’s vision is to have Qt Everywhere and to enable you to… Continue Reading →

WxWidgets: Cross Platform GUI Programming

  wxWidgets is a programmer’s toolkit for writing desktop or mobile applications with graphical user interfaces(GUIs). It’s a framework, in the sense that it does a lot of the housekeeping work and provides default application behavior. The wxWidgets library contains… Continue Reading →

OpenCV : Library for Computer Vision

What Is OpenCV? OpenCV [OpenCV] is an open source (see computer vision library available from Th e library is written in C and C++ and runs under Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Th ere is active development… Continue Reading →

SDL : Introduction

SDL = Simple DirectMedia Layer is a free cross-platform multi-media development API. Its used for games game SDKs emulators demos multimedia applications What can it do? Video Set a video mode at any depth (8-bpp or greater) with optional conversion,… Continue Reading →

C.yber [LOCUS 2010 Project]

C.yber is a cyber managemnet System completely build in C programming Language for the IOE event LOCUS 2010 organized on Ashwin 1 and 2. C.yber is a program which interconnects different computers which allows users to communicate over the computer… Continue Reading →

Client Sever Application in C

This project is intended to be done as Mini Project for Computer Programming I as the syllabus of IOE, TU. The project is based on networking in C programming. The project is based on the client server architecture and its… Continue Reading →

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